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   Software : Adobe XD CC 22.3.12 (x64)

Adobe XD CC 22.3.12 (x64)
File Size: 316 MB

XD CC Adobe - is the new creative tools from Adobe for the design of high-quality prototypes of user interfaces for mobile and Web applications. This tool is specifically designed for building rapid prototypes, as well as for high-fidelity user interface and design. With the help of Adobe XD CC anyone can create frames, high fidelity interactive prototypes and design applications and web sites. Once you will have a prototype, you can import visuals into Visual Studio or IDE of your choice to start creating the final application.

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   Software / MacOSX : QLab Pro 4.5 macOS

QLab Pro 4.5 macOS
QLab Pro 4.5 macOS | File size: 14 MB

Everything you need to put on a great show.. QLab® 4 combines powerful audio, video, and lighting control in one elegant package. With an all-new Light cue, a major upgrade to QLab Remote for iOS, and over 40 new features, this is the best version of QLab we've ever made.

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   Software : Total Launcher v2.6.10

Total Launcher v2.6.10

Requirements: Android 4.0.3+ | File size: 4,7 MB

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   Software : JP Software CMDebug v25.00.18 Multilingual

JP Software CMDebug v25.00.18 Multilingual
JP Software CMDebug v25.00.18 Multilingual | 23.1 Mb

CMDebug is a stand-alone version of the Take Command IDE and batch debugger component. CMDebug is intended for developers who need to develop batch files to run in CMD.EXE or TCC-RT (runtime).

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   Software : ProScan v15.4

ProScan v15.4

File Size: 5.1 MB

ll-In-One Computer Aided Scanning Program • Programmer • Database • RadioFeed • Web Server • Logger • Remote Scanner Over IP • Recorder • Audio Flow Diagram • Band Scope • Control Channel Monitoring • Sessions Manager. ProScan supports the BCT15, BCT15X, BC250D, BC296D, BR330T, BC346XT, BC346XTC, BCD325P2, BCD396T, BCD396XT, BCD436HP (without database), BCD536HP (without database), BC780XLT, BC785D, BC796D, BCD996T, BCD996XT, & BCD996P2 scanners.

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   Software : CoffeeCup Responsive Site Designer 4.0 Build 3113

CoffeeCup Responsive Site Designer 4.0 Build 3113

CoffeeCup Responsive Site Designer 4.0 Build 3113 | 137.4 Mb
The #1 Responsive Site Designer. Design visually with the Bootstrap and Foundation frameworks. No code. Build faster. Design better. CSS Frameworks are used by millions of designers and developers. Bootstrap 3 and 4, Foundation 6 and Materialize are the most popular. Designing with these well tested frameworks has many advantages.

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   Software : ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter

ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter
File size: 7.10 MB

ThunderSoft GIF to Video Converter is the best software to batch convert gif files to video files and extract gif image serial. Supports all major video formats: avi,wmv,mp4,mkv,flv,mov,mpeg and so on. Provide gif file frame by frame preview, and rich output setting, include background music, background color, frame rate, bitrate, custom logo, etc.

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   Software : NetBalancer Multilingual

NetBalancer Multilingual

NetBalancer Multilingual | 7.3 Mb
NetBalancer is an internet traffic control and monitoring tool designed for Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 (and their server variants) with native x64 support.

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   Software : JP Software TCC 25.00.18

JP Software TCC 25.00.18

JP Software TCC 25.00.18 | 33.3 Mb
TCC is our console mode Windows command shell (formerly known as 4NT). TCC is a replacement for the CMD command line (the default Windows command prompt). TCC is a superset of CMD, with 246 internal commands (CMD has fewer than 40), 695+ internal variables and functions, and hundreds of enhancements to existing CMD commands.

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   Software : Device Info HW+ v4.23.0

Device Info HW+ v4.23.0

Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and up | Size: 1,7 MB

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