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   Software : PilotEdit 13.6.0 Multilingual

PilotEdit 13.6.0 Multilingual
Windows x86/x64 | File size: 35.05 MB

PilotEdit is a handy and reliable file editor designed to help users to execute scripts, extract strings and edit large files.

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   Software / MacOSX : JixiPix PuzziPix Pro 1.0.9 macOS

JixiPix PuzziPix Pro 1.0.9 macOS
File size: 119 MB

Look how easy it is to turn any photo into a jigsaw puzzle! If you're looking to add dimension to your photo creation, PuzziPix Pro will leave a lasting impression. PuzziPix Pro combines photos with perfectly fitting puzzle components for great composition and storytelling. In Advertising, contexts and connotations can be in high demand for designers, so having puzzles, as a visual technique can be invaluable.

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   Software : Mailbird Multilingual

Mailbird Multilingual
File size: 127 MB

Mailbird is an intuitive email client that promises to deliver an uncluttered experience and several handy features for managing your email messages.

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   Software : IntraWEB Ultimate 15.1.11

IntraWEB Ultimate 15.1.11
File size: 190 MB

Atozed Software is a corporate sponsor to open source projects and provides web space, server resources, and significant development resources in support of these projects.

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   Software / Portable : WinCatalog 2019 Multilingual Portable

WinCatalog 2019 Multilingual Portable
File size: 71.13 MB

WinCatalog 2019 - is versatile cataloguer software for disks, files, folders and any non-file objects.

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   Software / MacOSX : Yoink 3.5.6 macOS

Yoink 3.5.6 macOS
Language: Multilingual | File size: 24 MB

Yoink simplifies and improves drag and drop between windows, apps, spaces and fullscreen apps.

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   Software / MacOSX : FSNotes 4.0.16 Multilingual macOS

FSNotes 4.0.16 Multilingual macOS
FSNotes 4.0.16 Multilingual | macOS | 17 mb
FSNotes is a plain-text note manager for macOS, and is modern reinvention of notational velocity (nvALT) on steroids. Our application respects the following open formats: plain/text, Markdown, and RTF, and stores data in the file system. You can view, edit, and copy data in your favourite external editor, and see live results in FSNotes.

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   Software : PC Info Multilingual

PC Info Multilingual
File Size: 24.7 MB

If you really want to call yourself a responsible user, you must first and foremost know everything about your computer, starting from hardware and ending with software.

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   Software : HomeBank 5.3.1

HomeBank 5.3.1
File Size : 16.4 Mb

HomeBank is a software application that helps you manage personal accounts and expenses.

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   Software : Altair Flux 2019.1.1 HotFix

Altair Flux 2019.1.1 HotFix
Altair Flux 2019.1.1 HotFix | 158.1 mb
The leading software for low frequency electromagnetic and thermal simulation, Flux, now a part of the Altair HyperWorks simulation platform, has released an hotfix to Flux 2019.1.0. This update includes fixes to various user-reported issues from the previous release, providing an overall more stable experience.

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